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The thumb ring serves a lot of purposes to the archer ranging from protection of the thumb to comfort as well as a good aim and other improved archery performances. This depends a lot on the quality of the archery thumb ring and that is why Vermil has made it her sole aim and responsibility to bring you the very best of thumb rings. There are numerous manufacturers of thumb rings but the big question is why chose Vermil? There is no doubt that thumb archery has undergone series of evolution from serving just a single purpose of protecting the...

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About Ring, FAQ -

After we launched Classic Silver Plus ring, we got many feedbacks from both our dealers and customers. Especially, an email from Robert Luhn, an archer in Germany, questions us what is exactly combination of this material. This valued comment really inspired us to provide further information about this unique material. Silver Plus is an alloy being alternative to silver without coating. The combinations of Silver Plus are similar to the alloy in platinum. For superior casting properties, Silver Plus is added some metals depending on casting formula.Ingredients: copper, zinc, nickel, tin, silicon, indium, etc.Advantages:- shiny without coating- more rigid structure compared to metallic...

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About Ring, FAQ, How To -

Vermil researched and developed the thumb ring by ourselves so the sizes of ring are specific and unique. In order to obtain the best size for your thumb, we provide you three steps of measurement. You are able to follow the steps as shown below. MEASURE: Measure the diameter of your thumb with 2 steps following the above images and comfortably press the vernier around the largest part of your finger making sure it will clear the knuckle. STEP 1 STEP 2  DETERMINE: After you know what size most fits your thumb consisting of both horizontal and vertical axes, please selecting a...

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