Not Just About Thumb, But About You

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Not Just About Thumb, But About You

The thumb ring serves a lot of purposes to the archer ranging from protection of the thumb to comfort as well as a good aim and other improved archery performances. This depends a lot on the quality of the archery thumb ring and that is why Vermil has made it her sole aim and responsibility to bring you the very best of thumb rings.

There are numerous manufacturers of thumb rings but the big question is why chose Vermil?

There is no doubt that thumb archery has undergone series of evolution from serving just a single purpose of protecting the thumb. Well, anything can actually protect the thumb but at Vermil, protection, beauty, comfort and quality is put together to give you a single product that would make you fall in love with archery.

For us, it’s not just about the thumb but it’s about you, how you feel when you wear our products. All our products are made from very high quality materials that range from durable plastic materials to brass, bronze, silver and other durable metals to give it that extra touch of beauty and comfort. We have four different brands of products with each specially designed to give you a different feeling of comfort each time you wear it.

No pain

The Vermil rings have been specially designed for shooting without pain and that’s because the force will be distributed throughout the ring and not focused on any point.  We have tested these rings with various draw weight to about 80 lbs just to make sure the archer won’t feel any pain.

Fits thumb

We are also aware of the various thumb sizes and as such we have designed the rings to come in variety of shapes. We have the Classic, Lotus II, Victory and Manchu and each of them comes in various designs and colours to give you a different feeling of satisfaction so you can choose depending on your style and preference.

Smooth release 

The thumb ring provides an amazing consistency for a very smooth release. Thus, when the archer releases the arrow, the arrow won't slip as it rests comfortably on the smooth curve provided in the design thus guarantee satisfaction.


At Vermil, we are positioned to giving you the best service available. We have various sizes available for you but we bear in mind that there is a possibility of placing an order for the wrong size but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. Get an immediate exchange for your product or a whopping 50% discount for another purchase. Our entire product comes with a 1 year guarantee. If the ring cracks, we are willing to send a replacement for no cost.

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  • Ian

    Thumb ring fits perfectly, exactly as described and a pleasure to purchase from you.

  • jake andrews

    Hey, I ordered a victory thumb ring in bronze but it is to small I would like to order a brass in 19mm by 22mm.

  • jcgiratrej

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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