Silver Plus, A Shiny Silver Ring

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Silver Plus, A Shiny Silver Ring

After we launched Classic Silver Plus ring, we got many feedbacks from both our dealers and customers. Especially, an email from Robert Luhn, an archer in Germany, questions us what is exactly combination of this material. This valued comment really inspired us to provide further information about this unique material.

Silver Plus is an alloy being alternative to silver without coating. The combinations of Silver Plus are similar to the alloy in platinum. For superior casting properties, Silver Plus is added some metals depending on casting formula.
Ingredients: copper, zinc, nickel, tin, silicon, indium, etc.

- shiny without coating
- more rigid structure compared to metallic silver
- more resistant to scratches than silver ring
- smoother surface than stainless steel due to having a lower melting point
- become dull slower than metallinc silver when be not worn all time
- much cheaper than metallic silver.

- become dull like metallic silver and difficult to polish if you rarely clean

In October, Victory and Lotus II made by Silver Plus will be launched officially on our online store. If you want to order us before, you can contact via our email. 

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