X-Nocks 0.246"

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Elevate your speed shooting and horseback archery skills with the revolutionary X-nock! This innovative flat design promotes swift, confident arrow handling, ensuring peak performance every time.

Introducing the X-Nock, a groundbreaking innovation inspired by Thai archer Din Pattani's Mongolian horseback archery insights. By merging the best elements of V-Nock and U-Nock designs, this alluring nock provides a superior grip experience, fine-tuned through persistent research and development.

Discover the X-Nock's key features: Its angled, flat gripping area ensures easy positioning, secure grip, and smooth arrow passage. The modified wide groove, inspired by the V-Nock design, enables efficient arrow placement—perfect for mastering the push-pull nocking technique.

• For 0.246” diameter carbon shafts