K-Nocks 0.246"

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Introducing the K-nock, the revolutionary fast nock designed for horseback archery and speed shooting. Combining the best of the M-nock with new features for enhanced grip and handling, this innovative model makes it easier than ever to hit your targets with accuracy and precision.

Developed with the expertise of Kaspian Mounted Archery, the K-nock features a unique design that allows for easy finger placement and alignment with the string groove. The concave shape on both sides of the nock provides a secure grip that won't slip, while the widened end of the concave ensures a confident hold every time.

With its wide opening to the string groove, the K-nock ensures effective feed onto the string, so you can fire off shots quickly and accurately. This nock is specifically designed for the historic Asiatic arrow lock technique of thumb draw, used by the warriors of the eastern cultures for thousands of years.

Inspired by Turkish, Ottoman, and Tatar traditions, the K-nock works well with ambidextrous hip quivers and a stable harness system that provides easy access to your arrows from both the right and left. So whether you're practicing on the ground or shooting from a galloping horse, the K-nock is the perfect addition to your kit.

We are proud to have collaborated with Kaspian Mounted Archery to bring you this amazing product. Try the Vermil K-nock today and experience the perfect blend of old and new in the world of archery.

• For 0.246” diameter carbon shafts