Lantern Silver 925

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If you would rather use a heavier bow but are concerned about the pain from the string pressing, "Lantern" a novel archery thumb ring from Vermil will allow you to draw your bow with more confidence while also reducing your thumb pain.

With over a decade of experience designing archery thumb rings until there are many users in various countries, we intentionally designed the new Lantern to be the best short-lip archery ring. It will fit comfortably on your thumb so that the pressure from the string is distributed over your thumb. Consequently, you will have more pulling power and feel painless. Also, the ring is specially designed to release a string more smoothly, and you no longer face the problem of the string plucking your thumb.

The Lantern’s design is inspired by three traditional archery thumb rings: Mughal, Ottoman, and Turkish. It is suitable for an archer who has the experience and prefers using Persian-style guardless rings.


Material : 925 Sterling Silver

Real 925 sterling silver ring consists of 92.5% pure silver and the rest in some kind of alloy.