How to Measure Your Thumb to Get the Perfect Archery Ring Size

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How to Measure Your Thumb to Get the Perfect Archery Ring Size

Vermil researched and developed the thumb ring by ourselves so the sizes of ring are specific and unique. In order to obtain the best size for your thumb, we provide you three steps of measurement. You are able to follow the steps as shown below.


Measure the diameter of your thumb with 2 steps following the above images and comfortably press the vernier around the largest part of your finger making sure it will clear the knuckle.



After you know what size most fits your thumb consisting of both horizontal and vertical axes, please selecting a size which is most closest your thumb size from Vermil size chart. You can choose the loose ring in case that there is not any size fitting your thumb appropriately.


When you would like to double check whether the size is most suitable, you can hold and move the vernier focusing on the area of knuckle. The jaws should equal to a dimension of any size of Vermil thumb ring accurately.


Now, it is time to explore our rings! We have various styles of archery thumb ring and kinds of materials. Currently, we have 6 models that are Classic, Victory, Lotus II, TurkishManchu, and new model Lantern. Moreover, we also offer you 6 materials, plastic, brass, bronze, silver plus, silver 925 and bio-composite. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. 


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